Who’s the brewer?

Brewing KettleJan 19th 2016 will mark 4 months since we’ve opened our doors. It already feels like a lifetime. In just a few months our little brewery has started to take on a life of its own. While we still continue to find ourselves stressed and struggling to keep up with the day to day, it has just simply become the new normal, we’re learning to become one with the chaos. A lot of things are changing. Everyone is naturally falling into a defined role, everyone is starting to take ownership of their position in our tiny little company. We are also learning how important each one of those roles are. We are a team and we find our strengths in each other.  This is not intended to come across as some pep rally preaching or imply that we spend our evening’s high fiving and hugging it out….in fact, we spend a lot of time yelling at each other and throwing things. But that’s what a family does. My point is that there isn’t a single individual responsible for the successes or failures of our brewery.
It happens very often that, after taking the first sip of freshly poured pint, a customer will ask “who is the brewer?” Taken at face value, the answer to that question is pretty simple. But that is not what that question is really asking. I believe when someone asks “who is the brewer?” they are really asking “who is responsible for creating this beautiful thing in my glass?”  In that case the answer is “we are.”
Everything that happens in a brewery is done to ensure that at the end of the day you are able to pour yourself 16 ounces of perfection. We all handle different stages of the process. Take any of that away and you no longer have your perfect beer. Recipe development, brewing, fermentation, carbonation, cleaning and serving. A different person is responsible for each of these elements. I’m not sure that in a larger brewery they would be so willing to give the credit of their final product to the server in their tap room, but regardless, it is just as much the truth there as it is here in our small corner of the brewing world. It is unfortunate that you rarely see magazine articles about the guy or girl that spends hours scrubbing fermenters and brewery floors. Or the person who carbs and packages the beer. These people are very much responsible for the magic in your glass. These are the ‘brewers’. Not everyone may agree with our definition of a brewer, but that’s ok.
We always strive to educate anyone who comes through the doors of our brewery. Not to say that our customers are not already highly educated, but everyone can always learn something new. Maybe we’ll add our redefined belief in what a brewer is to our curriculum. The next time someone asks “who’s the brewer?” in our tap room, don’t be surprised to hear “we are” as the reply.  If you have a more specific question, well now we have a conversation.  Cheers!
  • Torie