Welcome to the Backward Flag Brewing Journal! If you’re reading this I can only hope that means you are interested in what we are doing and support us. We’d like to thank you in advance for getting us to this point. I plan to update this journal as often as possible to keep you in the loop with all of the different things we have going on at the brewery.
So far if you’ve been following us on social media (if not, what are you waiting for!?) you know back in late February we signed the lease on a 2300 sq ft space in Forked River (FOR-KED for the locals, everyone else tries to pronounce it as FORKT…remember the locals are ALWAYS right) That was a very exciting day for us. We thought things would move at rocket speed after that but not exactly…the space essentially remained untouched for the first month while we ran around screening plumbers, electricians, draft architectural drawings, revising the drawings…revising them AGAIN…zoning, permits…federal paperwork…state paperwork… But here we are, work has officially begun. We checked in last week on the guys from Affordable Plumbing Services as they were cutting into the floors to install the new plumbing and trench drains. It was an awesome feeling to see progress being made, we even shared a little of our test batches with the guys. There was something very satisfying about sitting in the bare bones soon to be brewery and watching the guys that are helping us make it happen enjoy a little of what we put our heart and soul into. It was definitely a good day. There is much more to follow in the days ahead and we are looking forward to each one of those days. Cheers to us and those like us!