We hope that every beer we make invokes a conversation or encourages you to go out and discover all of the amazing things that craft beer has to offer. Pretentious stops at the door, want to know more about the beer in your glass? Ask. We won’t judge. We would love to be the place where your journey into craft beer began…

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We are still refining our recipes and welcome your feedback!

On Tap 08/26/2017

Our Beer History

A small sample of some of the beer we've brewed..

Bamber Brown

Craft Beer


ABV 5.1%

Baymen's Brew Stout

Standard Coffee Stout


ABV 5.1%

X-626 Oaked Ale

Craft Beer


ABV 7.0%

Desert Rose

Craft Beer Brewed with roses


ABV 5.9%

Spiced Peach

Craft Beer


ABV 7.2%

Yellow Ribbon Golden Ale

Description Coming Soon

ABV 4.9%

Lil R&R Blonde Ale

Description Coming Soon

ABV 5.6%

Raisin Bread

Description Coming Soon


ABV 7.0%

RuckSack Rye IPA

Description Coming Soon


Forked River Mt Stout

Stout with underlying hints of vanilla and chocolate.


ABV 5.2%