BFBC-04-KEGSA lot has been happening in the last few weeks. Sitting here looking back and trying to recap everything is like looking into a tornado and picking out familiar objects. One of the most exciting days so far has been the day our kegs arrived. I think if there is a single item that universally says BEER its a keg…and these ones are shiny and have our name all over them. It was also a moment of feeling helpless. We are small and struggling with a tiny budget, so no, we do not have a fancy forklift. Instead we rely on the delivery company to show up with an adequate lift gate to unload the equipment…this one did not. Lift gate yes. Adequate, no. I watched as the careless driver (who, unfortunately seems like he’s going to be a regular delivery guy) struggled with our freight, seemingly careless to whether our shiny future made its way safely into the brewery or tumbled onto the ground. I had seen another business across the industrial complex moving supplies around with multiple forklifts in the past and I ran over hoping they could save us. Without hesitation and without question the man I talked to jumped into one of their forklifts, drove down, unloaded the truck and placed everything safely into the brewery. Words cannot describe how grateful I was and still am for that. A perfect example of COMMUNITY. One of the biggest reasons we decided to open this brewery wasn’t to just brew beer, its about people. Its to promote and be a part of the community that surrounds us. Recently we’ve had the pleasure of working with some great companies that are full of great people that believe in the same things. If you follow our social media outlets you’ll see us occasionally give a shout out to some of the companies we work with. If we promote them its because they do great work and are excellent examples of community. As we continue to move forward the list of people I want to share a pint with grows. Tomorrow when you wake up go out and do something beer worthy for your community. Cheers to us and those like us!
– Torie